Thanks for stopping by! As owner of Carpe Gecko I want to welcome you to the exciting world of geckos. I thoroughly enjoy providing all of my pets with the best care possible and educating those interested in joining or increasing their knowledge of this awesome hobby as much as I can. I want every one of my customers to not only be satisfied but be overjoyed with my geckos. I also want them to feel confident that they have someone to turn to that will help with any question or problem they encounter along the way.

SulfurbgI currently own a small number of Leopard, African Fat Tail, Crested and Cave Geckos. I have lots of leo babies running around and a few AFTs. Crested and Cave gecko eggs are cooking! Stay tuned for updates!

Please take a minute or two to surf around my page and check out the geckos I have available! Info about my collection and whatnot is coming soon! If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a note!


Lisa Brooks