Terms and Guarantees

By purchasing an animal from Carpe Gecko you agree to the following:


My preferred payment method is Paypal. I can also accept Postal Money orders.

Holds/Payment Plans:

If you see a gecko you like I would be more than happy to put it on hold for you! In order to place a hold on a gecko I ask for a non-refundable 25% deposit. This deposit guarantees that the gecko will not be sold to anyone but you for up to two weeks.

If you need more time than two weeks to pay for a gecko, contact me and I am more than happy to try to work out a structured payment plan that works for you. Before you make your deposit we will work out the details of when each payment is to be made. Once the gecko is paid for in full I will work with you to ship at a time that works best for you. If you miss a payment by more than two weeks or decide you no longer want the gecko I will relist the gecko for sale and refund all but the initial 25% deposit to you.

When setting up a payment plan, please keep in mind that I am located in New Jersey and cannot ship geckos safely year round. If the gecko is paid off at a time of year when temperatures are below 38 or above 90 shipping may be delayed until I can safely ship.

Health Guarantee:

I guarantee that all of my animals are healthy at the time of shipment. I also offer a 14-day health guarantee (for online sales only). This guarantee only applies as long as a proper quarantine procedure is maintained and proper care is given once the animal is in your care. The guarantee will be void unless pictures of proper setups demonstrating species appropriate temperatures, lighting. housing, etc. are supplied.

Shipping/Live Arrival Guarantee:

I am currently using Reptiles Express for all reptile shipments. Shipping is a flat $40 for any number of geckos. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

I guarantee live arrival on all the animals I ship as long as several conditions are met. In order for the guarantee to be valid, temperatures at my end and at yours need to be above 38 and below 90 while the gecko is in transit. I am not responsible for carrier delays. You (the buyer) or your selected agent must be present to sign for the delivery on the first attempt. If you ask for the animal to be held at the FedEx facility you must pick up before noon the day after it was shipped. Should an animal arrive deceased, it is your (the buyer’s) responsibility to notify me within 3 hours of delivery with a phone call or text message to my phone. Digital photos of the deceased animal will be required and must be emailed to me within 24 hours of delivery. In certain situations I may ask for the deceased animal to be shipped back to me at my cost. It is good practice to place the deceased animal in the freezer until instructed otherwise. I will either replace the animal with one of equal or better quality if possible or issue a refund if all conditions are met.

Questions? Shoot me an email at lisa@carpegecko.com!